COVID-19 Response

As the situation with COVID-19 evolves day-to-day, our top priority during these unsettling times continues to be the health and safety of our co-workers, customers and communities.

We face daily reminders of our community humanity and still, during these times of uncertainty and isolation, our mission remains the same. And we’re responding to the call by helping our communities in ways we never have before, doing as we always have, to do our part.

At LSC Swag and La Salita Cafe, we put health and safety first.  Coping and facing these trying times is not easy, but we’re all in this together.  Some are homeschooling, working from home, unemployed or missing the touch of loved ones and friends. We send positive energy your way and are grateful for you.  Stay strong, you’ve got this!

Remember to take care of your own health. Check the guidelines and current updates from the World Health Organization and Center of Disease and Control Prevention for staying safe during the pandemic.

Wear a mask, save a life!